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Topchic guarantees intense colours full of brilliance in all dimensions.

100% GREY COVERAGE - Improved performance for complete variety:

from classic N shades, cool NA shades, intense NN shades to TriFlective Naturals.

All guaranteed by the Dye Penetration and Reflects³ System. 

ULTIMATE DURABILITY - First cool assortment on the professional hair colour market from Goldwell staying cool over time – guaranteed by the innovative CoolProtect Technology. 

EXCELLENT EVENNESS - For beautiful, even colour results from regrowth to ends.

OPTIMUM GENTLENESS - 100% performance with no compromise on gentleness – guaranteed by patented Coenzyme Technology & creamy-smooth lotion with IntraLipid.






The pH-balanced formula with integrated IntraLipid

effectively repairs the hair structure 
by regenerating up to 70 % lost lipids. 


Up to 90 % more shine on virgin hair1 

Up to 30 % softer and smoother hair feel on damaged hair 2 

Up to 35 % more gentleness when TOPCHIC is colour balanced with COLORANCE

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KMS products are arranged conveniently into START, STYLE, and FINISH categories
to help you select the best combination for your hair type.
START with style-prepping shampoos, conditioners and treatments.
STYLE with creative styling products formulated to nurture your hair type throughout the day.
Build it. Shape it. Mold it. Boost it.
FINISH by sealing in and maintaining your desired look all day.

Add Volume:

delivers volume and body to fine to normal hair.

Colour Vitality:

will protect your colour-treated hair, add radiance.

Curl Up:

enhances curls - both natural and permed. You will love your beautiful curls!

Hair Play:

defines texture, with a flexible hold. Let your creativity flow!

Hair Stay:

is hold and control from soft to firm.

Moist Repair:

will rescue your dry, damaged hair and provide intense moisture.

Tame Frizz:

lock out frizz and lock in your favourite style .

Therma Shape:

gives you unlimited power to transform your hair into any style or shape.

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RESTRUCTURE INTENSIVE TREATMENT in vials aids in deep repair of hair brittle or damaged by excessive chemical services and using hair dryers and straighteners.


Repairs hair particularly sensitized by technical services
Nourishes the hair's cortical area by fostering body and structure
Protects the hair fibre from damage from weather effects and from the stress of city life
Detangles frizzy, unruly or dehydrated hair
Shines up hair dulled by oxidation processes
Restores the proper level of moisture to the hair, providing natural elasticity
Prevents premature aging of the hair due to antioxidant action

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DEFY DAMAGE - a new standard for healthy hair!

Our hair is constantly exposed to several sources of damage:

Chemical treatments, daily use of heating tools, pollution and UV rays are some factors that help to damage the hair. What if we can prevent damage before it occurs?

Defy Damage is a complete system, with both exclusive, preventative salon treatment and subsequent home treatment that provides an immediate effect and creates a healthy, strong and resistant hair.

Defy Damage ProSeries, is a two-step system used in conjunction with a chemical treatment to strengthen the bonds of the hair.

The products are used before and after a chemical treatment to ensure healthy and strong hair you have not seen before.

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DEFY DAMAGE home care

DEFY DAMAGE protects your hair from damage before they occur. Heating tools, UV rays and environmental pollution lead to dry, lifeless hair that loses its lustre and glow. DEFY DAMAGE home care brings new life to your hair while strengthening, nurturing, protecting and giving immediate results you can see and feel.

DEFY DAMAGE PROTECTIVE SHAMPOO strengthens the hair's bindings and retains its colour. Nourishing and enhancing colour-proof shampoo that provides a rich, silky soft foam. Washes the hair gently and protects against daily damage to the hair. The result is a soft, shiny hair that feels and looks healthy.

DEFY DAMAGE PROTECTIVE CONDITIONER strengthens the hair's bindings and retains the colour. Protective conditioner that restores moisture and strengthens the hair without weighing. Daily protection from external influences. The hair instantly becomes combative and soft, with a wonderful shine and feel.

DEFY DAMAGE PROTECTIVE MASQUE strengthens the hair's bindings and retains the colour. Hair cures that nourish and strengthen the hair bindings. Counters split hair tips and protects against external influences and heat styling. The hair becomes resilient, strong and shiny.

DEFY DAMAGE PROTECTIVE SHIELD protects against thermal damage and UV rays. "Superhero product" that can be used daily. Protects against external influences such as pollution, UV rays and heating tools. It also protects the hair colour, adds extra shine and the feel of healthy hair. Nurturing Leave-in product that does not weigh.

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