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About Tatjana Reis

This Is How My Story Began

 My love for doing hair began in my very early years. Being trained in Europe, I enrolled in hairstyling school at only fifteen years old. It takes three years to become a hairstylist in Slovenia, and in those three years I learned that my love for doing hair developed into a passion.

 Shortly after I finished school I opened my first hair salon. I owned that salon for four years, but destiny had something else in plan for me. My roads took me to Canada where I found my second home in Kitchener, Ontario.

 I discovered hairstyling here was a bit different than back home and that I had the advantage of being trained in Europe.

 Soon after coming here I started working in a local mall to gain some experience in Canadian hairstyling and learn how things work here.

 After a year of working in the mall I located to a bigger salon and stayed there for seven years. But life had different plans for me, and I moved to another salon, staying there for almost ten years.

 In the meantime I also pursued my photography career as a fine art portrait photographer. I discovered that when doing hair on women and finding out they don’t have somewhere special to go after visiting the salon, it can seem like a missed opportunity to share their beauty with the world.

 That was one of the reasons why I created my " Celebrate You" 

package. I love seeing my clients shine, and that's just one of the ways I could make them feel special about themselves and make them exist in photos.

 With that being said, the idea of owning a salon again came to mind and soon turned into a reality. I was able to combine my two passions into something very meaningful. 


 In my opinion, portraits are very significant pieces of our lives. They represent who we are, they can tell a story and most importantly, an image is a timeless piece of history. 

So don't forget the importance of a portrait, and guarantee that you will have something to pass down to your next generation.


My Achievements

Bronze Award

at the

Portrait Masters


Contemporary Portrait

Category (2017)

ViewBug Awards

Won Summer Selection (July, 2016) Contest Finalist in Clash Of The Lites Photo Contest (Nov. 2016)

Won Featured (2016)


ViewBug  Award
Won Community Choice Award (November 2018)
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